Kids Korner Gift Shoppes
Ten Reasons to Choose Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes!

  1. All merchandise is the highest quality in the holiday shoppe business.

  2. All merchandise is coded for easy checkout.

  3. We built for you a custom cash register APP and chairperson dashboard. You can have as many checkouts as you want and set your own prices.

  4. Product ranges from .25 cents to $10.00, with the majority under $5.

  5. We supply you with a Sponsor Handbook, flyers (Available in Spanish and English), posters, gift guide envelopes, price tents, gift sacks and table cloths (at no cost to you).

  6. We pay for all shipping (including reorders).

  7. We take back all unsold or damaged product for full credit.

  8. We provide great service on reorders.

  9. Kids have a blast shopping for the things they want in a safe environment!

  10. You do not have to hand count anything!

Kids Korner Gift Shoppes of Northern Illinois | 1311 Janet Street, Sycamore, IL 60178