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Terms and Conditions for Kids' Korner ® Holiday Shoppe Program:

We, the above named group, understand that Kids Korner, upon acceptance of this agreement.

  1. Agrees to provide our group with a pre-packaged selection of "Kids Priced" Gift Items on consignment.
  2. Agrees to loan our group a computerized cash register, which will be pre-programmed at our group's selling prices. (Must have over 100 students to qualify)
  3. Agrees to provide our group with flyers, poster, and gift guide envelopes for each child in our school, free of charge.
  4. Agrees to provide our group with individual gift bags for each item, plaus a carrying bag for our children to carry their gifts home, free of charge.
  5. Agrees to deliver reorders, when 70% of the item provided has sold.
  6. Agrees to pay ALL delivery charges to our school (initial order and reorders).
  7. Agrees to take back all unsold Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® merchandise for full credit and pay the return freight.

We, the above named group, understand that this program should afford all the children in the school an opportunity to shop in a "Safe-Non-Commercial" atmosphere.

Therefore, our group understands that:

  1. We are to run the Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® program like a "going out of business sale".
  2. We will use the forms provided by the company to balance funds in the Cash Register with our sales each day.
  3. We agree to pack each price group back into sorted boxes when ending the shop for pickup.
  4. We are to sell no other commercial products along with the Kids' Korner Gift Shoppe® merchandise.

Check the following boxes to initial your agreement:

5. We understand that we CANNOT cancel this agreement after October 6, 2018 or the group will pay a restocking fee of 15% of the previous or current year’s predicted sales (A minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1000).

6. We agree that even if a check is not ready all sales numbers and billing worksheets are due at pickup!

7. we agree that if payment is not received by 12/31/2018 our group forfeits all profits and incentives.


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