Kids Korner Gift Shoppes
Thought about bringing holiday cheer to your school?

Make it happen with Kids Korner Gift Shoppes®! We are one of the original holiday shop services in the country, starting in the late 1980's. We concentrate only in the Holiday shop business, which means YOU have our sole attention to ensure your holiday is a success.

With Kids' Korner, it is simple; You just have to sign up, unpack the merchandise when it arrives and provide a safe environment for Kids to shop. When the sale is done, box all the unsold merchandise and we will come personally to pick it up.

If a child is unhappy with any merchandise (i.e. item is broken), we will either replace the item and ship that item directly to the child’s home or refund thepurchase price of the item. You only pay for what you sell! No upfront costs or shipping charges!

All items are under $10 dollars, with the majority under $5. We have a wide range of family gifts, collectibles, and a “sports pack”, including professional Illinois team’s memorabilia.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about all that Kid’s Korner has to offer!

Kids Korner Gift Shoppes of Northern Illinois | 1311 Janet Street, Sycamore, IL 60178